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Doggie Daycare

"A tired dog is ALWAYS a good dog" - Carolyn

Carolyn & Stella

“A tired dog is ALWAYS a good dog” – Carolyn

We have always been animal lovers, and have found dogs to be the best companions.  When we retired from our primary careers we were looking for something to do that we enjoyed, Dogs!  We realized there was a demand for Doggie Daycare and 17 years ago our second career was born.  

We offer 2 services for our clients.  Daily Doggie Daycare and Overnight Boarding.

For us, this is more then ‘work’, it is a passion.  We have developed many relationships with dogs and their owners over the years.  We especially like helping ‘difficult’ canines, like shy, elderly or rescue dogs and find them especially rewarding.  Many of our clients say that taking their dog to K9 Casa is like taking them to “Grandmas”

We have made our home safe and secure for your pet, whether it be for day care or overnight boarding.   Since this is our home we like to keep our canine guests to manageable group.  We judge each dog on a case by case basis. Small dogs under 35 pounds are our preference. dogs that are larger, and are sweet tempered are also invited to a free evaluation.

Do u have more questions? Read our FAQ or give us a call at (408)267-3245.

  • We are going on a family vacation and we can’t bring our dog, can you board them for a few weeks?  

    Yes!  Call us to check our availability. Cost is just $30 a night and that includes a full day of play!

  • Help!  I need to board my dogs for a few weeks while we are getting home repairs done.  Can I bring my dog to K9 Casa for an extended stay?  

    YES!  Contact us to make sure our schedule is open

  • I have an older dog that I can’t leave home alone when I work.  Can K9 Casa help me out?

    Oh yes!  We have many senior canine visitors that love to visit us during the day.  We can even help you out if they require medication, give us a call! (408)267-3245

  • I don’t have time to walk my dogs can I bring them to K9 Casa to play?

    Yes!  We love daily doggie visits! First time visitors require a free, quick evaluation before joining our pack.  We also offer package deals for regular visitors.

  • I have a two dogs that are from the same littler that I would like to get some doggie socialization for.  Can K9 Casa help me out? If so can I get a discount for multiple dogs?

     Yes!  We have many clients who have multiple dogs.  We think it’s a good idea to get them some socialization skills with other dogs and K9 Casa could be just the place! Yes we offer multiple dog discounts for both doggie daycare and overnight boarding  Contact us to make sure it is a good fit. 

  • I have a Grand Dane or other large dog that I need boarding for, can K9Casa help out?

    No, sorry.  Since we do this out of our home we keep the sizes limited (35 pounds or less).   We might have referrals for you. 

  • I am going out for a night on the town.   Can I bring them to K9 Casa to tire them out during the day?  So they will be tired when we are out tonight?


    Yes!  That’s what we are here for!  A tired dog is a good dog! First time visitors require a free, quick evaluation before joining our pack

  • Why take my dog to Doggie Daycare?  What are reasons to spend money to have someone watch my dog?

    Dog Socialization and Stress Relief are the #1 reasons why our clients bring their dog to K9 Casa time and time again.  This includes boarding, which gives single dogs a chance to learn skills to live in a pack.


  • Can I bring my dog in when before I go to work?  

    More then likely YES!  Call us to schedule a free evaluation.  We even offer discounted rates for regular visitors

  • We have unexpected company over and my dog can’t handle the stress,  can you board my dog for a few days?

     Yes!  We love overnights! First time visitors require a free, quick evaluation before joining our pack.

  • Doggie Daycare
    The morning pack is on paw to greet the new comers to K9 Casa.
  • Doggie Daycare
    Jake used to be the shy dog. Then Jack showed up and they are now the best of buddies! Let’s Play!
  • Doggie Daycare
    Jack and Baby Sarah playing indoors. He is so gentle with her even though she can’t stop trying to get to his floppy ears!
  • Doggie Daycare
    A fun day in the sun at K9 Casa. The Concrete Patio is the place to be in the afternoon. It’s warm, have yourself an afternoon siesta
  • Doggie Daycare
    Carolyn and Sondra with Stella on the lap. Bandit in door on the covered patio enjoying the warm sun with our canine guests. Did we mention we love dogs?
  • Doggie Daycare
    Zoey in the backyard Big and small we love them all at K9 Casa